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Scrap Metal Recycling Leads

Welcome to MetalRecyclingLeads.com. We provide scrap metal recycling companies with real leads from Google, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more. The best part is, it’s not only easy, but it’s the most effective way for Scrap Metal Recycling companies to get new clients on a weekly and daily basis. 

How MetalRecyclingLeads.com Works

Most local businesses are frustrated with Search Engine Marketing “professionals” who overpromise and underdeliver – companies whose workload is frontloaded with empty promises and executed with techniques that are dated and dangerous.

Unfortunately, there is no degree or certification for “SEO Professionals”. Most of these people have an education from Youtube and can put a client’s site in jeopardy of Google’s penalties without losing a wink of sleep.

So what is a business like yours supposed to do? Our entire business model was developed by answering this question. First of all, we ARE SEO Experts. Real, SEO experts. But the reason we stand apart is we develop your traffic sources without touching your web properties and without every jeopardizing your business. 

What makes MetalRecyclingLeads.com different is we build the marketing campaigns in advance, with real search engine traffic, and we point this valuable call producing digital real estate directly to your phone.

In other words, we produce, then you pay. If we stop producing, you stop paying. We are the only digital marketing company who puts our money and our efforts where our mouth is. We don’t have to make ridiculous claims. This is how it works:

  1. We rank several web properties including websites and videos.
  2. You rent our web properties.
  3. Your phone rings off the hook.

That’s it. These are your exclusive calls and leads. You don’t share them with another company like other lead programs do. We don’t need to login to any of your accounts or access any company data that may compromise your security. We don’t even need access to your website. All we need is your phone number! Our state of the art call tracking and monthly reporting system allows you to track our results. You can also listen to call recordings to ensure your team is handling your leads properly. We keep it simple and clean. Best of all, we produce real results that produce real paying customers.

Call us today and find out how you can take your scrap metal recycling business to new heights! 


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