About Us

My Partner, Randy Myers (founder of Operation Web), and I (William Gee) have owned a traditional digital marketing firm together and understand the challenges companies like yours face. We’ve also seen Google and other search engines evolve to the degree that it requires risk-taking in order to rank a website. The fact is, the risk is not something we’re willing to take at the expense of your security and it’s something, as a business owner, you should think twice about.

All SEO is “Black Hat”
SEO companies can claim to be “compliant” but the nature of SEO is to manipulate Google into thinking your site is worthy of ranking. You cannot effectively SEO without breaking Google’s Terms of Service. That’s a fact!

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
With Metal Recycling Leads, business owners can relax knowing that no “expert” is being reckless with their digital assets. Our team uses our own web properties to drive traffic, leads, and calls to your business. We like to keep the process simple. And because we own our sites, we can take risks that we would never think of taking with your website. That means we all have peace of mind.

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